23 March 2011

keputusan terbaik SPM 2011

what my mood today.?
so many work to be done..
due date makin hampir..
basically kalau stress mean unhappy la kan
and lau unhappy i mean 'sad'
i nk work harder..
nak siapkan semua asignment
and just focus on my study
yes, that's so true
kena focus
my final year already
wish me luck kawan-kawan.!

takde kene mengena dengan SPM pun.?
its not me lar
its my adek
'si b0ncit' amik result SPM die this morning..
ptg td text die..
seems that she having a good time
pretty sure she get good result..
it's her new beginning
never tell you before, oncit..
but i'm so proud of you

well,her result is better than me..
huh lau die bacer ni
jgn nak mengada sangat tau..he3
*die stalker blog i tau..tau jek sume citer i*

last night she call
let me know she wear teeth braces..
that morning..
wane pink gitu
tak sabar nak tengok camne die pagar gigi die tu.he3

so watever
tomorow got few work to be done
hope this week boleh siapkan semua keje
aja-aja fighting.! gambate..


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